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Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

Douglas Prom

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10 minutes ago, Shake me up Judy said:

Congratulations to Ramsey Commissioners. I hear all the Manx crabs who'd be happy to see the thing demolished but who have no constructive ideas themselves. Prove them wrong.


I'm really hopeful we can turn it into an asset for the town

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It's not about Manx Crabbery. It's about procedure, democracy and the transparent use of public money (by whatever arrangement). There has been no prior public consultation (a meeting of +/-200 does not constitute a majority in a town of 6k) and no mandate sourced. Let alone no disclosure of the actual figures (yet). Why not?

I really, really do hope that RTC do have a plan that works out to be a success. Because if it doesn't....?

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That's a laugh....procedure, democracy, the transparent use of public money, public consultation, mandate, disclosure of figures etc. Tynwald is a shining beacon here isn't it.

But we've been here before haven't we. Look at what has happened countless times and look no further than the Castle Mona. RTC have made a bold decision here, and yes there's an element of risk I'll grant you, but it's better than the alternative. We need to learn that lesson.

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2 hours ago, Non-Believer said:

Zilch. Lying empty. No access without helmet and safety equipment. Malarkey even went so far as to state that in was a derelict building that needed demolition, IIRC.

Well let's see what it's being used for in a year's time. The record isn't good on the Island is it?

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3 hours ago, Rhumsaa said:

Got to try

Trying is fine - if you're doing it with your own money.

If this plan, if any, fails Ramsey ratepayers are saddled with a £400k+ white elephant. Just put the rates up to cover, will we...?

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