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International Women's Day*

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International Women's Day celebration at Henry Bloom Noble Library - an evening of poetry, prose, and song. All performances will be themed around this year's topic of change.


Come along to sample a variety of local talent in a fantastic venue. Tea, coffee, and other refreshments provided.



See poster for further details.


*(International Men's Day is the 19th of November, before anyone says anything.)




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Sounds fine. Will you be discussing FGM, child/forced marriage, or just popular things?


Nah, just poetry, prose and flower arranging.


Ah, all the important stuff then, got to prioritise these things.



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Why on earth would you have an International Men's Day?






Just to be "equal" is not a very good reason for having a day. International Tickbox Day! Maybe we could all sit in a circle and not talk about our feelings.


There may be a case to be made for an International Men's Day - that focuses on issues that only affect men. My question was genuine - what's the aim of an International Men's Day.

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