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The are undeniably a talented band. Quite what they'll think playing to a half empty Villa Marina and I'm not sure what the atmosphere will be like but good to have them here. I'll get down there for a boogie.

I doubt Bobby will mind as long as they get their fee. Primrose Hill is pricey + two kids at private school.

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Are you thinking of the right band Woody?



yep, seen them plenty of times when doing backline tours for other bands around europe....

I get that you don't like them, I just don't recognise the staring at the ground bit. It doesn't seem like an accurate description of Bobby Gillespie. If I was being uncharitable stomping around and clapping randomly.

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I'm just wondering how they were ever described as one of the biggest bands to play here. I mean.....really ?

I didn't see where that was said. Depends how many you include in "one of".


Paul Gaskill (sp) said it on the wireless when dropping hints as to who was coming over.

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