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It'll be the seventh or eighth time I've seen them, but its been a few years now. In didn't really like their new album to start with, its a bit more 'pop' than other stuffs but it has grown on me quite a bit,  don't really care what they play, they're not going to stand there and absolutely destroy everyone with XTRMNTR which would be a delight, so just going to go along and dance and have fun. Gonna have a good time, gonna have a party.

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Only my third time. Saw them at Reading in about 2004 and Bestival in 2011 - the Screamdelica anniversary tour. The never seemed to play wherever I lived or festivals I was at  in the nineties. 

Been a fan since about 87/88 from Sonic Flower Groove onwards. I'd like something off that or Velocity Girl, but that's highly unlikely. Otherwise Screamdelica with ample support from Vanishing Point / Echo Dek for me.  



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I said I was slightly disappointed not let down. I'd probably anticipated too much.

Positives outweigh negatives. 

Baad Acid were really great. 

First two thirds of Primal Scream was cool but they lost momentum during an endless Country Girl. Wouldn't fault them for effort or commitment though  

There was too much snare in the sound where I was. 

Too many clap along Cassidys in the crowd. 

Got to see people I don't see often.

All in all I'm happier that I went than if I stayed in. 

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