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DHSC - MHK Resignation!


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It goes to show though, these 'People of the People' who become MHKs and turn native on us, citing "you have to effect change from the inside" is a load of old bollocks. Always has been.


I realise it can be a difficult job, but if he has a problem he should be able to make change 'from the inside'. If he can't do that, ie he has limited powers of diplomacy, limited powers of persuasion and indeed a limited intelligence, than he should consider if he is the right man for the job at all.


If he perceives a problem then he has run away from it. The problem, if indeed there is a problem, is still there.


Aye, toys and prams, toys and prams.

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Well, that's 6 months lasted for the first. How long did it take Bell to start sacking/shedding them?


Differences always exist. It's working through them to make change that defines.

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'Jack Carter' has been very quiet today.

Not at all I was simply doing some digging before I commented here that it's great to see Callister admit that he can't hack a proper job with proper responsibilities for more than a few months. Entirely predictable. Also predictable that the announcement was all about HIM and not really about much else. Can't sit on the DHSC, can't even manage sending letters out at the DED without causing a major incident either. Can manage to get his smug mug in the papers at any and every opportunity though.

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It isn't even 6 months. It's 5 months to the day. He was appointed 20 October 2016.



He resigned 9th March 2017.






If you can't handle Kate Beecroft how ya going to deal with the big boys on Brexit etc.


Bring back Quirkie, all is forgiven

(actually, I don't mean that, very much)

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