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Taxpayers to dig for £20M for Liverpool Dock


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1 hour ago, Max Power said:

What isn't widely known is the fact that Mr Whittaker offered the DoI a turnkey solution for the Liverpool berth. Something that they neglected to tell the Treasury, until they had blown millions and were asking for more!

This amounts to criminal mismanagement in order to be managing a huge budget. Our CS mandarins do not act in the best interests of the island, they are far too busy playing egotistical maniacs at every bloody level. I don't see our elected representatives ever being able to rein them in.

And that, folks, is why the Isle of. An doesn’t have misconduct in a public office offences.


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walk away take the loss, £70m is fucking ridiculous amount to be spending off island, think what we could do with that here where we actually live and work.

somebody needs firing for this debacle, a few plastic flumes and a bit of tarmac are bad enough but at least they are on the island. This needs fully investigating and a full independent public inquiry.

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Time to take the hit and walk away.  Sometimes you get yourself so entrenched in getting what you originally wanted that you miss the increasing costs, or feel too far down the path to change direction and you justify them to yourself. You see it all the time with systems implementation.  

Better to just stop now.

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Utter, utter shit show.

£70.6m... in the sweepstake earlier in this thread the best guess was £60m+

Who is responsible and accountable?

Must be why Reynolds "retired" in October. Government procurement also responsible - get the right guys from the start, not the f*ing cheapest.

How utterly thoroughly depressing.

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