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Drill and Fill abuse of the 70's - dentists


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I've never had a school dentist. This was an NHS dentist who went private because money is god. The later dentist took a number of the fillings out and they've not needed to be refilled since. I assume it was based on XRAY.

OK not the famous lady school dentist then.


Dentists generally "went private" because the NHS paid them about the same as a plumber after various enforced contract changes.


For those wanting to see the fluoride discussion look elsewhere on this forum. Its been done to death.


Edit: Nobody can say that an original filling was 'unnecessary' whether referring to radiographs or not.

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If you are referring to the famous Tom Mangold's Panorama contribution then it was about 25 years ago woody.


He famously ambushed (in the journalistic sense) two representatives from the BDA who were hopeless in their counter arguments. Much dodgy data was included in the program (eg stating dentists gross earnings as opposed to taxable/net which is 50-60% lower) and the failure of the two BDA muppets to challenge him led to the conclusion Mangold was right.


Remember this bastion of the BBC later faked a program of children working in a far east sweat shop.....

no, it was the last 5 years it was on, newsnight or bbcdp it could of been....

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For many years my dentist told me my teeth were great, then he left the practice. Since he left I have had a couple mega fillings, root canals & a crown done. Dentists are like doctors they make educated guesses about your oral health, some are over zealous some don't pay enough attention that is life.

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I remember the Balla dentist who'd do the extra work on your teeth. He did the same to me as the OP. Without anaesthetic too. Do I vaguely remember this charlatan retiring early because of it? Or is the Mercury affecting my memory?


I lived in Amsterdam for a year and an abscess developed. The Malay dentist excitedly showed my gob to his colleagues as a typical example of a British mouth! Oh how they laughed...

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