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Brain Electrodes - NEURALINK


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This caught my attention. Elon Musk's futurism is laudable, in my opinion. It's impossible to know at this stage whether this will succeed, but it raises many practical and philosophical questions.


At it's most basic, I can imagine that controlling machines with thought might be an early application, or possibly using the interface to intervene somehow in the human brain 'on the fly', perhaps in controlling epilepsy.


Further down the road, enhanced thought, for example with a hugely expanded memory or the instant acquisition of another language.


Ultimately, if machine intelligence is integrated with the human brain, what would that mean for the self and identity?



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It's not something any of us will have control over. I'd love a BrainPal personally but the technology isn't there by a long shot.


Case in point I always refer too with body technology that is "just around the corner" is prosthetic limbs - they're better than they were but are still shit.

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Dabbling with the human brain sounds like a terrible idea. You have to understand how it works first and even the best experts don't know quite as much as they seem to think they do.

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There are professors that know a lot about the human brain, that nice Professor Nutt guy can talk the talk when it comes to neurotransmitters & stuff, there's also a woman I quite like too but I can't remember her name (oh the irony), I think it is only a matter of time before something really cool happens (or dangerous not really too sure).


I was reading Homo Deus (currently unfinished and on loan to my FIL), Yuval Harari has some interesting thoughts on the fusion of man and machine.

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