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Can You Resist A Police Officer?

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Unless you're a burglar.

So is the price of a Lamborghini.

Would this be before or after you broke down crying?

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Gerry is always very polite in his posts, whether you agree with them or not, in part or in no part, you should always try to remember that dilligaf


I was being polite too. I was going to call him a boring C***, but thought I should be nice and said f***** instead. I can't win.whistling.gif

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I would try not to deal with a police officer as a police officer and a Police Constable are quite different, The Constable is there to prevent a breach of the peace, an officer is an employee of the corporation who intends to extort monies from you via the Acts and Statutes that he/she will contract you into via your own ignorance.


First understand the difference between Lawful(constable) and Legal(officer), once you know the difference some questions that can render them powerless (If you have not committed a real crime that is), sadly many recruited these days do not know the Law that they enforce, so beware as they can get confused and sometimes violent, resulting in an unlawful kidnapping, if it looks like you have one like this then I would say nothing whatsoever, perhaps keep repeating "Sorry I don't answer questions" to everything they say to you.


1: Ask if he/she is acting under their oath (wont want to answer this one, but keep pressing it, a yes presents the constable, not the officer)

2: Ask if they have observed you breaching the peace, (There is no jurisdiction to do much to you lawfully without a firm yes here if acting under oath)

3: Ask am I obliged to give you my name or ID.(Its a no by the way)

4: Am I under arrest..(I doubt it)

5: Great then I am free to go, have a great night "Constable"...


Unless you have done a true crime like theft or murder or cause some kind of harm then I find it is all commerce, i.e. commercial jurisdiction and the above is likely to stop you from being invited to a foreign vessel in dry dock..Just my take on it all and hopefully not too "off the wall"..

All complete and utter bollocks!


Are you one of those little men who appear on YouTube? 😂

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I was going to call him a boring C***, but thought I should be nice and said f***** instead. I can't win.whistling.gif


You might not be able to win but thanks for disguising those gratuitous profanities to make them difficult to decipher. I mean, I could see pretty quickly what words you meant but the kids who happened to be reading over my shoulder at the time (little scamps!) were flummoxed. And that's the important thing here. Considerate.

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