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Is Vodafone a better option?


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I see that - however - I've been with EE for about two years now. My account is registered to my IOM address. I've had the inclusive roaming minutes and texts so far, and up till now I've just bought a small data add on. They have just offered to renew my contract telling me all about the new data roaming deal. I asked them to go away and check that it covered the IOM as it was where I lived - they seemed very happy to tell me that it was. 

They don't seem that bothered - but we'll see.

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Great info everyone.

I've noticed that the IOM operators still do not offer 4G roaming to many of the UK networks. I can only establish that Vodafone UK and EE have agreements with MT (https://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/mobile/roaming/4g-roaming-personal).

Does anybody know if this will change to include more operators? What do Sure offer? Personally I find it staggering that visitors to the island are forced into using 3G, I thought the island was meant to have an international business sector?

Why is the government not pushing the local operators to sign agreements with more operators to enable 4G for all visitors to the island? Did the government provide grants to local operators to install 4G on the island and was there a provision in their licence to operate a 4G network to offer 4G data roaming to visitors?

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