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Bolton Score


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It was a good afternoon. Great atmosphere and warm weather and a fine display of football. Well done to all involved.


To be fair though, the Bolton first team could have easily made the score 3 or 4 times what it was. At one stage, for a few minutes they upped the pressure in an amazing display of concisely executed and fast football to easily slot a goal and then went back to a more relaxed holiday 'friendly' mood.


I noticed in our crowd a group of locally based men trying to whip the crowd into singing "If you hate Man United clap your hands". (yawn and wtf?).


This prompted some young kids to sing "If you hate Bolton Wanderers clap etc...."


Not very pleasant really.


Bolton Wanderers did us a great service coming here and it would have been nice to have given them some applause as each came back to the dressing rooms. But the taciturn locals crowded near the changing rooms just stared, although there were plenty of kids demanding autographs. It was most peculiar.


When the Bolton coach left there was no clapping or waving by way of appreciation. Again, most peculiar.


Perhaps I need to learn the emotions of a typical football fan, except this wasn't a typical match was it.


Sorry to be a bit negative, but it was certainly a great day and a fantastic event.

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Unfortunately that's what we can expect when our kids are taught that winning is more important than the game itself.

Don't get me wrong, I was always an extremely competitive player in a number of sports when I was younger and loved winning - but I was also taught to accept defeat in a sportsmanlike way (I played football for Malew, so I got plenty of practice!) and to appreciate the merits of the winning team/competitor.

I was also taught that it wasn't possible to learn very much from winning, and that playing, and losing, against superior opponents was the best way to improve one's own game. I'm sure that those who fortunate enough to have the experience of playing against a premiership on Sunday will have learned a great deal - and will have a memory that will stay with them for many years.

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For me the chant of the day from the Bolton travelling whites:


"One Nigel Mansell...there's only one Nigel Mansell"


They literally drove poor Norman Wisdom out at half time...




The young lad Skillen, one of the Isle of Man representative side took some stick...


"Give it to ginger" and cries of "ole" greeted his touches in the warm up.


The game as a spectacle was atrocious but fair play to Big Sam for bringing the *Big Guns* over.


Gary Speed is still a sh!thouse tho'...


The Blues out there will understand.



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I noticed in our crowd a group of locally based men trying to whip the crowd into singing "If you hate Man United clap your hands". (yawn and wtf?).


I'm Glad that I didn't take my little lad now, I'm loosely a UTD fan but to be honest I'm not a die-hard. However I would have felt compelled to tell the tossers mentioned above to where to go... Since I've moved over here I've had more earache about UTD than I have ever had in all my many many visits to Liverpool.


My Dads a city fan and he took me to see as nipper City, UTD, Bolton, Sunderland, Chelsea, Liverpool and countless other teams. I used to work at both Main Road and Old Trafford and I would shout for which ever team I was watching. I would have been shouting for Bolton in this case as it's the 3rd nearest team from where I from and one of my best mates is a season ticket holder.


Anyway I realise it's banter but for some reason it really fecks me off when I get earache from a bunch of **** that have never been to a match in their lives. Bah!



Sorry for the rant.

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