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Sir Roger Moore RIP

Neil Down

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Sean Connery will always be Bond for me...Roger Moore was pretty good...but always second on Bond.


However...Roger...excellent in the saint and in a couple of really good lesser heard of films such as 'The man who haunted himself'. Look for the wider filmography and TVography folks. He did some very interesting stuff besides Bond.

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18 minutes ago, Shake me up Judy said:

Best Bond theme anyone ? You Only Live Twice easily wins it for me. Best thing about an otherwise dodgy entry in the series. This was where it all started going south....

The Spy Who Loved Me. Rita Coollage.  effing brilliant.

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Because Connery captured more closely Fleming's portrayal of his character. The Bond of print was never so suave as Rog played him; on seeing his first film in the role I expected more of the Simon Templar rather than a cross between David Niven and Louis Mountbatten. Fleming's Bond was more the rough, knock-yer-neck-in-ask-questions-later type. A mercenary. Lazenby I liked, he was plausible and hard-edged, a pity he never did another couple.


Begging your pardon, Roger. 

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3 hours ago, dilligaf said:

The Spy Who Loved Me. Rita Coollage.  effing brilliant.

One of my Favorite Scenes in 007 History is in that Movie.

Bond gets his Car and gets Chased by a Helicopter so he drives off of a Dock into the Water.

At first, the Russian Spy is Panicking until Bond works some Controls and the Cars turns into a Submarine and then Fires a Rocket and Destroys the Helicopter.

They then do some Spying in the Submarine and have to Run cause they get discovered and a Leak Springs in the Car so they have to get out of the Water.  

They drive up onto a Beach and Drive Off and again get Chased.  This time by a Motorcycle.

The Russian Agent then works some Controls and releases an Oil Slick that causes the Motorcycle to Crash.

Upon the Russian Agent working the Controls to release the Oil Slick, Bond says, "How Did You Know About That?!".

She replies, "Tee-Hee-Hee, I Stole the Plans for this Car Two Years Ago.  Tee-Hee-Hee-Hee".

Bond gives her the Worlds Most Dirtiest Look.





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