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Muslim terror attack on London Bridge

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1 minute ago, RIchard Britten said:


"After a first attempt failed at the Christmas market on 26 November when the bomb did not explode, the boy tried a second time on 5 December near the mall and the town hall of Ludwigshafen."

"The device contained “pyrotechnic material” believed to have been extracted from fireworks and sparklers and tests revealed that the mix was combustible, but not explosive."

Still a bomb attack.

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Doctors driving burning cars into airport foyers makes this religion different!....airport worker John Smeaton "ach i just let them burn for a bit ,....then pit them oot"   .These 2 doctors worked at Paisley Royal infirmary,they must have been reading, the Haynes manual for terrorism...the one Salmand Rushdie criticised.....the one that came before his next bestseller "Bhudda is a big fat barsteward".

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6 hours ago, Rog said:

It is a belief that originated in a mistranslation.of the Greek source. I think that the mistranslation was first in the Latin Vulgate but to be honest can't be arsed in verifying.

In the Torah the word is the same for horn as bright light.  That's just one of the difficulties in reading the Torah, not only are there no vowel punctuations but also words have to be read in context.

It's almost as bad in The New Covenant, most noticeably the camel and the eye of a needle. For example a camel isn't just the shit of the desert (ever been close to one?) But also a very thick rope.  Then the eye of a needle.  A literal needle - or a small door let into city gates to allow individuals to come and go after lights out.


That would be an interesting analogy, and I like it;

‘I tell thee, it is easier for quite a thick rope to go through a smallish doorway than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’

Yup, I’m sure that’s what Jesus meant.

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