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Afghanistan Memorial Ceremony

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Awens to All:

Last Weekend, I Volunteered to help set up a Flag Display for a local Commemoration Ceremony Honoring the Canadian Veterans who have Served in Afghanistan.  

There is a Park that the City of Langley set aside to set up a Memorial Park that is to Honor the Veterans who Served in Afghanistan and in June, they set aside a Saturday to do a Commemoration Ceremony for the Veterans who Served in Afghanistan and a Memorial Ceremony for the Soldiers who were Killed in Afghanistan.

After setting up the Flags, I took this Picture of the Field of Flags:



And here is a Closeup of some of those Flags:



Here is the Flags around the Central Dias from a Distance:



Here is Canadamobile amongst some of the Flags:



And here is the Canadamobile before the Central Dias:


The Pillar is surrounded with a Steel Band with the Names of the Canadian Soldiers who where Killed in Afghanistan.


Here is the Provincial Flags around the Monument:



And here are the Flags around the Central Dias:



And since I Volunteered with the Flag Setup, the Organizer brought out a Manx Flag to Honor the Manx and give Compliment for my Volunteering.  

Here is Me with the Manx Flag:



Here is the Manx Flag Flapping.  After the Picture of Me was taken, I rearranged the Flags so that the Manx Flag was between an Irish Flag and a Scottish Flag:



And here is the Manx Flag in Full Flap:



The Memorial went off well with Special Honors going to Families Present who had Soldiers who were Lost in Afghanistan.

This Memorial is mainly organized by the Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Clubs known as the '3rd CAV'.


I am looking forward to helping out setting up for their next Commemoration Ceremony in 2018.




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Good effort putting in the work to help make the occasion for all involved. 


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