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Euromanx Cancellations

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Euromanx have got too big too quick.


I share that opinion. 'Operational reasons' = we haven't got a spare aircraft/pilot/aircrew.


They will be bankrupt before the year's out, and I for one won't shed a tear for them, even if they've got 'Manx' in their name.


It's what might happen between now and then that worries me more.


One of the senior groundstaff told me he had been working for the last 5 weeks for 15/18 hours a day without a rest day.


Your bags going to Bali might be the least of your problems.

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yep, this is actually a job for the CAA- I've got no confidence in them to be honest and it's not right to see warning signs and not act on them. The ryanair model is very interesting actually and maybe it could work on a smaller scale here, I mean, people have to fly off the likes of shetland, orkney, jersey and guernsey and the hebrides. A few quarters back, they floated the vision that air travel would be free or virtually so, with airline revenue coming from advertising based on the number of ads their passengers saw, kind of like the internet where you get revenue from the number of hits. Since he said that of course they had to put up their prices but was a great concept, perhaps on a smaller scale tho.

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Fees attached for Liverpool and Isle of Man.


Liverpool airport are willing to negotiate their fees to attract business. Dont know if IOM do this.


Ryanair are structured so that their costs are low. EVERY route is profitable in its own right. If a route OR even flight is not proffitable then they pull it.


It works like this...


Numbers on a flight are only half the story. The important thing for carriers is to get the appropriate yield from the route, not just bums on seats. So you can have, for an extreme example, a full load paying next to nothing and not covering its costs or a small load paying a decent rate and covering costs.


When you get the balance right then you have got yourself the right formula. The IOM airlines operate on the basis of small load & high rates. If they operated a bigger plane on any given route then they would need less flights, thus the cost per passenger of operating each flight is reduced. Then they have flexibility to offer lower fares dependent on load.


Airlines are always looking for opportunities and if they see there is something else potentially more lucrative, in this day and age they will have no hesitation cutting out something that is not paying its way.


Incidentally if you compare the taxes, fees and charges for Ryanair and Euromanx:


Ryanair LPL-Milan - £22.50

Euromanx IOM-LPL - £26


Only £4 difference but it all counts ! Another example of cost control which Ryanair pass on to the customer. In fact so do Euromanx :-(


If the downloads dont work here are the links to the originals:




Remember though that Ryanair and Easyjet will have negotiated more preferrable rates than these - they are the publicly available rates. Message again - control your costs and pass the savings on.



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we paid well over £200 for 2 of us to take a 20 min flight to liverpool oh and dont forget the half cup of orange juice! oh and what ever happened to the boiled sweets?! :(

it really annoys me that we have to pay soo much to get off the island, i mean once u in the uk u find flights that are much cheaper and theyre going abroad!

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I'm no expert in these matters, but would just add for the sake of fairness that I ASSUME the costs of a half hour flight are much the same as a one hour flight.


Same admin and departure costs, same arrival and handling costs, same amount of fuel to get up there...the only difference then being a few more gallons of fuel to keep it at cruising altitude.

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Quote from www.euromanx.com


"Due to a line failure on our reservation system both our internet and call centre will be unable to take bookings.


We hope to have this matter recified very shortly."




What an utter snambles !!!!!

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My ex girlfriend works for Euromanx in the Operations Department.


I think part of the problem they're having is due to the fact they don't own any of their own planes, and they can't get enough cabin crew to man the flights.


Or so I hear...


I personally won't use them, I try to get a BA flight whenever possible.

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I personally won't use them, I try to get a BA flight whenever possible.


I tend to do online booking for people at work, either for business or pleasure. They're all now asking me to avoid Euromanx. It's not a good situation :(

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