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Maria E. Young

Rushdi' book

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Are there fans of Salman Rushdi?
I like the way he combines fairy-tale with reality. 
Just started to read "Satanic Verses". What are your impressions after reading this book?

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Since I was about 18 I've kept a notebook in which I collect any piece of writing which interests me or provokes.

I've nearly 30 years of quotes from books, magazines even friends' sayings and poems.

In it I've more Salman Rushdie quotes than any other author.  I've always found his prose totally absorbing.  It has a rolling magnificence about it and a deep humanity.

I read the Satanic Verses right during the controversy about it - the book shop I bought it from wouldn't publicly stock it and I had to specifically ask for it to be brought out from behind the counter.

It is a paean to doubt, uncertainty. madness and redemption - and also a lens on Thatcher's Britain.  It is also incredibly poignant when the main character returns to father's death bed.

 I've also loved his later books - The Moor's Last Sigh, The Ground Beneath Her Feet and especially Salimar the Clown, where Rushdie pares down his rich prose to a far sparser, drier style full of anger about the violence fundamentalism and nationalism has brought to Kashmir.

I've not yet read "Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights" but really look forward to it.


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I actually have to Read This Book to Work Out what all the Fuss was about.

I believe it is some sort of Fiction Story about a group of People who are involved in some sort of Survival Issue and each Person is of a Different Faith one of which is a Muslim and for some reason, the Muslims did not like how the Muslim in the Story was Portrayed.




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