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Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

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12 hours ago, the stinking enigma said:

so. 16 years on from portugal decriminalising drugs and we find not a state and a people in ruins but a place boasting the lowest rate of drug related deaths in europe. a tenth of britains rate. a fiftieth of the united states rate. and a 300% reduction in the number of heroin addicts. bad news for portugese lawyers and prison officers i suppose, but on the whole, hard to argue with. https://theintercept.com/2017/09/26/brazils-latest-outbreak-of-drug-gang-violence-highlights-the-real-culprit-the-war-on-drugs/

Thing is I have posted links about Portugal and its ground breaking stance on drugs multiple times, and as per usual, the usual hard line draconian thinking members keep coming back with the same tired dogma.

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If there's one man on the planet that would benefit from trying psychoactive drugs it's you rog. 

At least Mr Allinson is keeping to his pre election word and making the right noises. Honestly, when you weigh up the bizarre attitudes of Tynwald between drug law and motorcycling mayhem you just hav

Humankind has sought ways to enhance its spiritual and religious consciousness for millenia. It could be said that it was the (accidental) ingestion of psychoactive substances (opium poppies, mushroom

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3 minutes ago, WTF said:

there must be some truth in all this legalise drugs stuff because in todays daily wail they have now decided the evidence shows that canabis makes you violent.

However, they also ran a story about a footballer's daughter who uses cannabis for a medical condition.

Usual mixed and confused message from the wail...

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27 minutes ago, WTF said:

there must be some truth in all this legalise drugs stuff because in todays daily wail they have now decided the evidence shows that canabis makes you violent.

LOL :lol::lol::lol:

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  • 7 months later...

Remember guys, this is the Isle of Man. Just about fuck all law - on anything - will get changed without our elected plumbers, posties and fridge fixers consulting their 'good friends' and government power colleagues in the judiciary

So for example:

On 4/18/2016 at 11:16 AM, gettafa said:

As Deemster Doyle told one defendant: 'Keep away from people involved in drugs. They are violent, dangerous and evil people.'

And I wouldn't dare go against him....

That said, David is leaving his post to, I suppose, make some real money and play the field and his tricks. 

Only then will there be any chance of change.

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On ‎10‎/‎5‎/‎2017 at 10:02 AM, NoTail said:

We could not legalise cannabis without the consent from the UK. They will not give it.

I used to think that way but now I am not so sure ie That Royal Assent would not be forthcoming so don't try it on!

I convinced myself that the Island would not get Royal Assent for opposite sex civil partnerships but (Assuming Assent was required) it seems to have gone through. I was convinced London would advise not to do it...But they did and it is lawfully recognised on the Island.

I understand as from when I last looked that these Civil Partnerships do not enjoy the same status and protection in the UK...

However, as a matter of internal self-government of the Isle of Man there seems to have been no objection from the metropolitan and sovereign power.

We live in times when the UK is devolved, when its own status is changing viz a viz EU and maybe eventually the European Convention on Human Rights (Non-EU but might change). The abortion issue is to be a N.Ireland matter (When they get a Government again)..

So I would not be surprised if, in times of change and a recognition that the Island's direction may diverge from the UK,  Assent is given for the domestic and strictly insular legalisation of the weed and its derivatives.

Same might go for assisted dying or whatever they will call it on Guernsey.

Good job you bought the Steamies though! The ferries to and from the UK will get a double dog spin if the weed is legalised only on the Island. Delays and longer turnround?

Just guessing!




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4 hours ago, cheesemonster2005 said:

I like it when there are topics that have never been discussed before

I think when LC is not playing Mozart operettos on the baby grand, they are trawling manxforums for pet subjects to resurrect.

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Whilst playing in the kids park at Nobles with the little un on Saturday there was a strong waft of cannabis in the air from a young couple of easten european descent not yards away from us.

It's all around us and it's a farce it's still illegal in the year 2018. The island should get on board with it and open up another industry and revenue stream, but instead we have a load of dinosaurs in power who need to keep the shiny new prison full to justify it's existence.  

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There's a lot of research going on in the US regarding the use of MDMA as a treatment for PTSD, and psilocybin (magic mushrooms) as a treatment for depression.  Cannabis is effectively legal in some states, with conservative businessmen investing into it to get rich.  UK and IOM will catch on eventually.

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