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I honestly don't read Rob's blog but I think the author of this thread is being unfair. A lot of people (i.e. successful people) work full-time jobs while also pursuing academic or professional qualif

It's been a very troubling week in the end  https://cueballsdiaryofasadman.wordpress.com/2017/09/08/this-week-pining-for-the-fjords-week-ending-8th-sept/ Also at @CueBall_iom via twitter 

I could quite happily post it myself on there to be honest. Most people seem to have got the funny side of this to be honest and taken it for what it is which is an attempt at humour.  I don't think i

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2 hours ago, KERED said:

Since then, he has continued to go from bad to worse, and seemingly, will stop at nothing to further his own political ambitions. It looks like he is cruising for a Ministry/Chief Ministership/ MBE/Knighthood.   Where will it end? – A Kingship?  (Actually – King Rob The First has a certain ring to it) 

The People’s Prince was always a clear aspiration:



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10 hours ago, KERED said:

I hear that Mickey Mouse even wears a Rob Callister watch.

More like Goofy. This weeks masterpiece really has the air of someone teetering on the edge of delusional breakdown about it. It’s almost an alternative reality that is being created. 



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