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Motorbike Parking in Douglas

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Anywhere that it's legal to park normally.  I asked a traffic warden about it and they said that obviously you can't put a disc on a bike so people tend to get away with parking all day free in the same place.  They said that if they see the same bike in the same place day after day then they may make an effort to contact the owner but they tend just to leave bikes alone.  I park mine outside of the office on the prom all day and they just walk past it without even looking at it.


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For Athol St I usually park on the Prom and walk up.  If you are feeling particularly knackered, park in one of the first bays on Loch Prom and use the lift in the multi story to go up to Finch Rd & walk along.

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Some of the motorcycle bays allow you to park all day, i.e. they are 'non-disk'; I know that one of the bays on Hill Street used to fall into that category.  I think there also used to be a motorcycle bay on Athol Street?

It might be worth dropping Douglas Corporation/DoI an e-mail just to ask them if they can confirm in what motorcycle bays (or elsewhere) you could park your bike all day, that way if you every get a ticket you can proudly wave the e-mail at them when appealing. :D  I suppose the opposite of that is that you lose your plausible deniability. :rolleyes:

In terms of Traffic Wardens (and whatever the other ones are called), it very much depends which one you speak to when you get your advice and what kind of mood they are in that day when handing out tickets....

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4 hours ago, Bombay Bad Boy said:

There are bike bays along the Prom, usually near the crossings, the one Sandman mentioned on Hill St opposite Bar George, and at the Sea Terminal. None have time limits posted.

One by Bar George is almost always full, shame there isn't any free undercover/sheltered parking, I've heard people used to sneak their bikes around the barrier in Shaws brow but it changed so you can't do that any more?

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6 minutes ago, j2bad said:

Just park anywhere, you are obviously too lazy to cycle or walk and too poor to buy a car you should be exempt from any form of parking control.

Not sure how you figure that one. I have a car, but trundling a tonne and a half around the island every day, versus a hundred kilos or so, one feels far more economical than the other.

Anyway, cycling would mean a 3hr round trip commuting, so I think it's safe to discount that. Walking something closer to 6 hours each way...I mean, if that's your thing, go for it. But it isn't for me. I'd rather be "too lazy".

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4 hours ago, Neil Down said:

That didn't take long for the insults to come then...

Why would anyone find it necessary to sling nasty comments about someone asking a simple question. I can only guess that the question, as simple as it was, was still to difficult for a bona fide simpleton to understand, thus making him feel inadequate, leading to frustration and aggression.

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