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The 'table top' exercise' was just that. It would include things like off island transport for treatment, by helicopter or 'plane.


it would also include pulling in people on leave/off shift/retired skill sets - which would be done when a major incident is declared.

This would also include pulling in all retained teams from specials to Civil Defence. Ambulances would be pressed into service including those capable of transferring patients on a stretcher - St John, Red Cross, Coastguard and Hog. These could be used to transport to hospital or extraction points, airport, helipad etc.

Care teams at Nobles will not know numbers, injuries or ages, so it goes to say asking people not to attend the hospital unless necessary is a good idea.

Although extremely tragic, this was not a major incident, with the hospital told to expect at least four when the call came in. For this incident, warning people a delay is expected, and asking them not to attend the hospital at the time, unless urgent, is a standard response, which was to be expected.


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Now it turns out that there was no real problem at all, and as @wrighty pointed out earlier in this thread, A&E may have been stretched , but it was nothing they couldn't cope with.  The whole thing was caused by the panicky press release[1] that the hospital admin put out (you suspect without talking to A&E):



The Emergency Department at Noble’s Hospital is currently experiencing longer than usual waiting times – between five and six hours – following its response to a serious road traffic collision in Laxey this morning.

The public are requested not to attend the Emergency Department unless absolutely necessary.  Instead they should use alternative services, where appropriate, such as: visiting the Minor Injuries Unit at Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital (open 8am to 8pm), contacting their GP Practice, or if outside of practice hours, contacting the Manx Emergency Doctors Service by telephoning 650355.

The Department of Health and Social Care apologies for any inconvenience and appreciates the public’s understanding.


It's being glossed over as being good advice (ie don't go to A&E if there's a more suitable alternative), but that's true on any day and by the time it was reported (the original accident occurred at about 9am) the backlog would presumably have been no worse than a normal Monday.  Manx Radio are clearly miffed about being misinformed and the doctors annoyed at being made to look like they were failing.

[1]  Obviously a press release isn't the speediest way to get the information across in an emergency situation anyway.

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