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Come on, stop being a dick.   Do you really need to post like this? What is happening today reminds me a lot of the 70s and 80s and the IRA.   Most Irish people were ordinary decent folk.  As are

Is Israel a 'religious' state? Although Ben-Gurion installed both secular and religious Jews at the head of government, the main thrust initially was one of religious freedom and it (Israel) identifie

That's definitely part of it. Even though  it doesn't vindicate his world view. This terrorism does not reflect divison -  it is about trying to create division. The extremists want non Muslims to hat

.............   and all we do in the UK is to sack politicians who dare to speak out about a problem !

More candles more hashtags and sweet FA to keep our families safe !!

If we can't even talk about it, how the hell can we even begin to formulate a plan to deal with it !

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10 hours ago, thommo2010 said:

Only seen one person mention it on facebook. Has terrorism become such run of the mill people can't even be bothered changing their profile picture to a flag? 

Its not that they can't be bothered, its that they've realised it is a sad pointless thing to do.

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