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I went a month or so ago.  Decor is really good.  Reasonably priced.   Milk shake was great.  Kids enjoyed the food.  Staff pleasant.  My hot dog was a bit gross if i'm honest, but with hindsight i realise that is to be expected of an American hot dog from a jar. Could have done with more chips and stuff.  Overall a good effort. 

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Went this afternoon with the kids, mostly cos they wanted to play pool and The Union isn't really the best place for them. It was alright, didn't have anything fancy but didn't want anything fancy, ideal for families I'd say. As mentioned earlier the milkshakes were really good. Also the pool table is free, which is great.

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Popped in with  my daughter last weekend  I have to say it isn't a good report.

The guy who appeared to be "in charge" looked like he had just got out of bed and needed a shower and some clean clothes.

The Texas skins were not skins but halved jacket potatoes with a sprinkle of cheese and a few bacon bits. They wouldn't sell well in Texas...

The burgers were well overdone and poor quality.

The dirty fries were excellent.

We had one shake which was very good and a Fentimans ginger beer which was unexpected.

Overall we were split in our opinion - my daughter liked it and I won't be back.


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