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DED spit the dummy over Airbnb?

Manx Bean

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5 hours ago, Albert Tatlock said:

Are they? They have a dispute resolution service and give refunds in some cases. 

I have had a refund from AirBnB when I had a problem with a stay.

So, I'm curious, with the Homestay scheme, will a guest get a refund in the case of an issue? Does this come from MiQuando or IOMG?

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53 minutes ago, Lxxx said:

Different areas of the market really though. With AirBnB you know you're not getting hotel levels of service and quality.

Whenever I take the family or the missus away I wouldn't do AirBnB as I like to know what I'm getting and that the service and experience makes the trip worthwhile. When I am away on business I only need somewhere to rest my head for the night so AirBnB works for my need. Two differing parts of the same market. If I booked a hotel for the price of my usual AirBnB in the centre of London I dread to think what it would resemble.

There is a place for both in the market, don't let any disgruntled hotelier or jobsworth civil servant tell you any different.

its just a shame they pay next to sod all tax.....

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