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Changed to Ultima not long ago and also moved the router to a different location.

Can't now get Wi-Fi in the garden, unlike before.

What is the best Wi-Fi extender to buy. 

Looked at the BT ones but some of the reviews were terrible.

Anyone know what we need to buy ?

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8 minutes ago, quilp said:

Why not put the router back where it was? Is it in the 'master' telephone socket? 

Not an option , as She who must be obeyed wanted (and got) the PC, printer, everything booted out of the study and put upstairs.

Yes it is the master socket, as all the old extension leads for phones etc. have been ripped out.

One wired PC and one land line phone now.

It is now at the front of the house whereas before it was near the rear.

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Cat6 or you are a complete tit, just saving you from 7 more posts of wifi is the devil from Tempus Fruitcake, cause your powerline wifi extender has just made his chat with some lonely Russian oil rig worker or dog kissing weirdo a no go, well it hasn't actually but it might well so stop now!

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Are you on 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz,  Dili? 2.4 is the older standard, and tends to be more crowded with users, and 5 is theoretically faster and usually less crowded in any given area,  But it doesn't go through walls as well as 2.4.

Worth checking, and trying it on 2.4 if you aren't already.

You can set up many Wireless Access Points to act as a bridge. Place the bridge where it can talk to your router and in a good place for the garden, bingo.  Here's some examples from TP Link.



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After years of faffing about with WIFI extenders, Homeplugs and secondary routers I bought one of these recently:


It's not cheap, but I'm pretty sure I've spent more than that over the years and still had aggravation with wireless printers not wanting to connect, bridging issues, kids complaining about slow ping speeds etc.

Since I bought the Orbi, nobody's had any problems in the family, I have Wifi in house, garden and even at our neighbours and it does everything you'd expect (separate guest network, awesome range, etc)

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