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Port Erin.....what's the point?

Nomadic Raptor

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Sorry for going off topic slightly here, but I happened to nip in to Pt Erin last night. I think it's the first time I've been in the dark since the revamp. So as I'm trundling down the main road there I see these lights in the distance. First thought... they must be work lights, they're so bright and clearly directed straight up the road rather than downwards like traditional street lamps... get a bit closer... they look a little bit like runway lights they're so bright and glaring...

Get all the way down to the petrol station and no, they're not work lights, they are apparently the new street lights. Ridiculously bright LED lamps shining directly in your face as you come down the road. Each lamp also has a red or green coloured ring, apparently random but my first assumption was some sort of nautical reference? 

Am I missing something? Can anyone explain? 

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