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Probably a dumb question to those in the know.

I'm looking at getting myself an ipad with the cellular slot for internet use when i visit my father in Lytham (a phone is not good enough for my needs and he has no internet). Before i invest in one I'm trying to find out whether the telecom shops such as 3, vodaphone or o2 will supply a pay as you go data sim for this purpose. Or are they just standard phone payg sims.

Love you all Ta

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10 hours ago, sm-iom said:

I'd prefer to stick a UK SIM in my phone - e.g. GiffGaff - and then create a hotspot that the iPad can log onto.


Yes, and by doing this you could save on the iPad as you wouldn't need the version with a SIM slot.  Note that iPads without SIM slots do not have built in GPS for positioning, though.

GiffGaff do a couple of data only 'giga bags' that are good value and give you a  chunk of data that you can use for a month, but only in 1GB & 500 MB 'sizes'. The voice and data 'goody bag' packages are a lot more flexible, £20 for unlimited data, for example. They will work the same whether you put the SIM in an iPad or an iPhone.

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When in the UK I use my 3 PAYG SIM which can be topped up and then you can use the credit to enable an add-on that includes data.  I use my android phone as a hotspot with the data and have had no problems, although that may depend on the amount of data you use.  If you already have an existing tablet then it could be used with the phone's wifi hotspot.

For reference I'm currently using a Moto G4 phone which has a decent size of screen and can also take two SIMs at once.  Your Manx one and a UK one.  You can receive calls on both and choose which one is used for data/calls/texts depending on where you are.

If you use the 3 SIM option then your add-on will also be usable on the Isle of Man until it runs out.  That includes the data (up to 9GB) if you enable data roaming.

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On 9/6/2017 at 0:22 PM, AcousticallyChallenged said:

FWIW, you can also get 3 SIMs on Amazon fairly cheaply that come loaded with X amount of data, they also do one with a free 200mb a month which is great for occasional use.

3 SIMs also roam here freely using the FeelAtHome stuff, but do theoretically have a time limit when used here.

I buy EE 4G sims in Tesco when across.

In August they were selling sims for £1 that had 1Gb of data on.

You could just keep buying those instead of topping them up :D

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Thanks for all your advice folks but now it seems another issue has arisen with Apple.

Ordered an ipad pro last week with an extra £80 insurance 'applecare +', iten was supposed to arrive today.

I got a call from Apple in Ireland today to tell me I cant have the applecare+ insurance as i'm on the isle of man. There was no movement on the matter so i cancelled the order.

Has anyone else come across this at all and a workaround ? 

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From the AppleCare terms

d. This Plan is offered and valid only in Austria, Belgium, Denmark (excluding Greenland and Faroe Islands), Germany, Finland (excluding Åland), France (excluding Corsica, overseas departments and territories), Ireland, Italy (excluding Sardinia), Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Spain (including Balearic Islands but excluding Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla) Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway (excluding Svalbard) and the United Kingdom

(excluding the Isle of Man).

Weird as I currently have it on 2 iPhone 8s and a Macbook Pro, and had it on my last laptop and 2 iPhone 7s last year.  Both laptops bought online, phones collected in store on launch day.  I've never had to claim on it though so god knows if they would have honoured it or not.

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