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Another reason we have no cash...

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Never underestimate the incompetence of the Manx authorities.  What you are suggesting is a 15 month conspiracy involving the police and the AG to stop someone standing, who had recently come 3rd

In the wider picture those involved may think twice about how they approach social media. That seems like a good thing.

Maybe Amy's Facebook skillz are better than the AG.  The person I feel sorry for is the other party who travelled to the Island to the Island at least once to give evidence for the case to be sus

On 9/23/2017 at 5:34 PM, chancer said:

You really are a fucktard with your conspiracy theories.  Any police matter involving a relative etc has to go to the Attorney General for an independent decision to be made.  This women is poison.

nothing like a bit of unnecessary aggression and name calling to get your point across.

Despite your tone, you deserve a response, although Roger Mexico has sort of covered.

For clarity, in case you are as simple as your post indicates, for the Attorney General's Chambers to become involved police have to commence an investigation and then take advice. My point was that, the rumour stated that because of a familial relationship police declined to take any action over an alleged offence, so it couldn't have gone to the AG's Chambers for any decision.

Also, because I can't really resist it, you say one should go to the AG's Chambers for an 'independent' decision? And you call me the fucktard?

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