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Ronaldsway Airport

Mac the Knife

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Beggars belief how they can't find a system to get a small number of people through a choke point without thinking that throwing a couple of hundred grand at it might work.  

It could have been easily solved by changing the direction of the tables to lengthways and opening a second x-ray machine at clearly identifiable peaks in the day.

This place is unreal.

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2 hours ago, Max Power said:

Warning of Queues!

 http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=43487&headline=Warning of airport queues for next week&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018

It would help if the people using the x-ray equipment could recognise an iphone charger and not demand a search of hand baggage to confirm. 

My hand luggage with two chargers in the case went through no problem last week. 

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Another trip through the Airport.

The queues problem does seem solved at least by today’s experience.

Secuurity however was an interesting experience.

I was frisked by some man mountain because apparently it is now  necessar to put my comb and my pitifully small wad of banknoes through the scanner.

Ronaldsway must be the only airport in the world which insists on scanning bank notes!

The situation was even more farcical in that the notes were just put to one side and never passed through the scanner.

My man mountain security officer told me he was just following procedures!

His frisking also seemed to require special attention to my lower regions, quite titillating if you are of that persuasion.

Oh well another day at Ronaldsway,

P.S just passed through Gatwick security en route to America and no problems with my cash, asked Security should I take it out and put in the tray. Answer, why would you want to do that mate!











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It is fairly common knowledge that they were audited and found wanting in some areas !

The answer is not to correct what needed correcting to but to overzealously inconvenience everyone in the guise of security.

Intelligent people would be able to use discretion in the application of the rules.

I recently came back through Birmingham and got pulled as they wanted to swab my apple ! .........     absolutely true they removed a Russet apple from my hand luggage and swabbed it !

Perhaps the memo had read "Apple" as in computer LOL !

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