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Rewarding the Delinquents

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3 hours ago, paswt said:

It would make a change from those in authority (our political masters and the CS high earners ) 'mooning' at the taxpayers  ( an almost universal sign of disrespect I'm given to understand):lol::flowers: 

I do wish hboy would keep up. The baring of buttocks stopped long before the birch was stopped. Maybe he has a fixation with boys buttocks...who knows :rolleyes:

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They were sent Blackpool. Isn't that enough? They won't do anything naughty for a while after that.

Even if it was indeed flawed, unfortunately in far too many cases we still do not appear to have any credible or effective forms of punishment. Case in point (can somebody link cos I can't), the vanda

Nah, just hit them with sticks.  Show 'em who's boss.  Before they're too big and can hit back of course.

41 minutes ago, x-in-man said:

They are kids, for whatever reasons, the kid bit passed them over too soon. Let them have a day at the sea side, if they'd had a few more only a few years ago they may not have been there now. Let them see what life is really like for some, what's on offer for those who fall by the wayside and cannot take control of the longer life ahead of them.

Whilst I like the sentiment you express. These kids spend every day at the seaside. 

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7 hours ago, Neil Down said:

I do wish hboy would keep up. The baring of buttocks stopped long before the birch was stopped. Maybe he has a fixation with boys buttocks...who knows :rolleyes:

Actually according to the website that someone linked to earlier, the birch was indeed used on the bare buttocks for youths aged 14 up to 21.  From 1960 boys under 14 were caned while clothed but older boys and youths continued to be birched without any covering.

What I hadn't realised before reading that site was that, like an awful lot of 'ancient' Manx traditions, birching of older teens was an entirely recent thing dating from only 1960, and effectively lasting until only 1976.  While younger boys under 15 had been birched earlier (as they had generally in Britain up to 1948) the idea of corporal punishment for older teenagers was entirely invented, which rather kills the idea that it was the only thing that made the 1950s safe on the Island.  It also makes introducing it so late, in the age of Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith, look a lot creepier.

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23 hours ago, RIchard Britten said:

That is probably a couple of books more than you have read...

Looks like someone's got a crush!!! Is she a proper looker?

You may well be right in your assertion, which is just one of the reasons I wouldn't pretend to know how to fix anti-social behaviour with special treats.


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