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Technicolor TG589vac v2 Dual-Band VDSL/ADSL2+ router

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I have that router and if can find my username and password I'll have a look.

Login is engineer password key is on the bottom of your box

Means nothing to me, but hope it helps the clever ones.  

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2 hours ago, Bobbie Bobster said:

@dilligaf Ta. Did the dropouts occur just when making calls or constantly?

All the time. Didn't matter if the phone was used or not. Dropped out 12 times in an hour at one point.

Has not dropped once since unplugging the BT phone.(a month or so ago)

Have yet to try a new phone, but will soon and let you know what happens.

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7 hours ago, Babydoc said:

Do I need to enable or disable the VLAN for Sure VDSL?

Thanks in advance.


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Anyone who still has the fritzbox started getting dropouts recently?

Started getting drop outs on my Fritzbox 3490 about 3 weeks ago.

Up to a couple of dozen a day and it will also take up to 5 minutes to re-connect and the sync speed will often drop from max ↓ 100 Mbit/s↑ 10 Mbit/s down to ↓ 50 Mbit/s↑ 200 bit/s!

Prior to this it performed pretty much faultlessly with no more than a couple of drop outs every month.

Engineer has been out this morning and checked everything and all seems fine so I am assuming the fritzbox is at fault.

Has anyone managed to find any settings/firmware versions that reduce these dropouts to a minimum?

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Do you have any powerline adapters, and are any of them within a couple of metres of the fritz?

As far as I understand, they can generate very short range RF interference in the same bands used for the highest throughput VDSL.

Moving the powerline to the other side of the room worked for me with dropout issues.

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