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On 5/12/2018 at 4:39 PM, ballaughbiker said:

I have been using a UK EE 4G sim in four places including the IOM instead of wired broadband ... etc

That's a great and very usefully comprehensive answer BB. I agree with your point about limiting the antenna cable length to reduce loss.

I have a couple of questions:

On the IOM you are (presumably) roaming when using the EE sim. Do you get a 4G connection when roaming or only H / 3G? I've noticed that my various UK sims including Three/3 only give me H or 3G when I am roaming on the IOM or abroad.

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This is the reason I junked 3 and moved to EE.

I only ever got a 4G connection with the 3 sim in the UK. Everywhere else was 3G/HSDPA. They will not admit to this apparent policy when you ring up saying everyone around you is getting a 4G connection and give you some crap like you need to move location (back to the UK as it turned out) to "get a better signal". Rooting around a forum or two at the time (about 18 months ago) revealed that they seem to block all non-home network 4G connections eg IOM.  Your experience seems to indicate it is an ongoing policy.

I think that is sharp practice as I never found that policy in their terms. 

Both voda and EE connect to 4G service on the rock from personal experience. Not sure about O2.

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