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I'm using it and it's been fine.  Miles better for uploading large files like videos.  It used to take all night on wired broadband.

I'd recommend using their modems though.  I used an existing Archer 200 4G modem and it didn't seem to recognise the Sure SIM even when fully unlocked.  Then when I managed to get it going it dropped the connection regularly.

Once I'd tested it to find out if it was going to work for me I signed up to the 2-year plan and got their modem which looks identical but has been fine.

One oddity is that they said the APN was "broadband" but I could only connect by using the older APN "internet".

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I have a unit on test and it's fair to say it's smashing for the money and much better than the copper service I can get out in the goonies.

All the TV in our house is delivered over the internet (netflix / amazon / Iplayer / Sky go) and it works perfectly.

Skype struggles a little (I'm guessing latency)  or we might simply be running out of bandwidth.

It's worth nothing that the 40Mbit is theoretical and the actual speeds that the modem reports are variable.

Unlike with a copper service the modem doesn't connect at whatever speed and then stay connected at that speed. the idea of the 4g is that is bursts as and when required (although sometimes it doesn't) 

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Had it for a month or so now and the only issue I have come across so far is the strict NAT settings when gaming. Sure are meant to be looking at a work around but I've not heard anything about that yet.

Apart from that it seems to be spot on, especially for those of us in the sticks blighted with poor speeds through a cable. I've had no issues streaming Netflix/Amazon content and, NAT aside, no issues gaming either.

I've gone from 11Mbps down and 0.8Mbps up to ~43Mbps down and 11Mbps up, placement of router is key though!

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On ‎16‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 11:04 AM, Egg said:

I'm using it , loads videos and tv fast enough to stream. My only complaint is the signal from  the router could be better but a booster would sort that and it probably just my thick walls.

I am using it at The Eairy. Gone from a maximum 4meg down on copper to up to 35meg.

Signal strength does vary but still better than wired out here.

As Egg said above wifi signal from the supplied router could be better, we don't have thick walls,  but once a range extender added downstairs works all over house.

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