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More shootings in the U.S.

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I suspect that the pharma companies who supply most of the school shooters their psychotropic meds will still be in business dealing out their legal shite, but let's not focus too much on the other co

It isn’t in meltdown but the frog is definitely swimming in an increasingly disfunctional pan.  A society which thinks regular mass shootings can only be met with handwringing and prayers is seri


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"Four killed in northern California shooting rampage"

 It's ok, Donald's just sent god and the FBI to Sutherland springs, Texas.

Wrong place Donald, that one was two weeks ago. So hard to keep track of these mass shootings.

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And still Americans will demand the right to bear arms...

The sad thing is that the amount of guns held by individuals in the US probably means that even if gun controls were introduced that many would disappear onto the black market and still wind up in the hands of those with criminal intent.

I know the UK is not perfect and that criminals can still access firearms but there does seem a balance. 

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