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More shootings in the U.S.

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10 hours ago, mojomonkey said:

Are you referring to Nikolas Cruz? Genuine question, where are getting this Arabic descent thing from?


Everything I can find says he was adopted at birth by the Cruzs and raised Catholic. The identity of his real father appears to be unknown, his real mother had another son that was also adopted by the Cruzs. I can't find anything about his real mother's religious beliefs but it does appear that she was a drug addict, which may well account for the well documented mental handicaps that Nikolas Cruz has. Based on what I can read on the subject his attack was the sad result of allowing a mentally handicapped person access to guns. Happy to read your sources on the sorry story.

Slight correction, he was adopted at the age of two not birth.

Update, it appears his mother was Jewish - https://edition.cnn.com/2018/02/16/us/exclusive-school-shooter-instagram-group/index.html

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On 23/02/2018 at 6:48 PM, ScotsAlan said:

Point 22LR almost took Saint Reagan out...

Donning my anorak, thought I'd look at this bullet, and the science behind it. Known as the 'Devastator', it was originally designed and manufactured for law enforcement agencies, but also went on sale to the general public. The round resembles a regular .22 hollow point but the hollow cavity carries a match head sized aluminium container filled with the compound used in cartridge primers. Upon impact, the primer compound is supposed to explode, thus accelerating the fragmentation of the hollow point bullet. They are meant to create shallow surface wounds and are not intended for deep penetration ('false flag' conspiracy-theorists take note, Reagan's popularity increased considerably according to polls following the assassination attempt). To stop, rather than kill, and reduce the risk of hitting bystanders. One of Hinckley's rounds, fired from a 'Saturday Night Special',  entered the soft tissue of a police officers neck, without exploding, and the operating surgeons were afraid it could explode at any moment. They waited for an expert to confirm it was safe before removing it. Reagan, actually was hit by a ricochet off the limo and was never considered to be in any real danger.

In relation to the OP, a further search revealed the types of ammunition, in all calibres, available to the average person in gunshops across America. It is amazing the ingenuity and the length to which arms manufacturers will go to increase the killing efficiency of its products. Designed specifically for use on humans, presented in attractive, eye-catching, themed packaging.

Quite astonishing and utterly nuts.


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13 hours ago, Chinahand said:

Where do I talk about the alt-right?

I wrote: My understanding is that Nikolas Cruz was rascist, anti-Islam and anti-immigrant.  

The Telegraph is a reputable source showing that was a reasonable statement. 



i look forward to the screen prints of this group, as i can't find any:thumbsup:

the claims that he was part of a group have been dismissed by the police, the same police that removed his 2 instagram accounts....

the story came from some nutter cbs interviewed.....

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8 hours ago, RIchard Britten said:

America is a country where health care is not available to all but .50cal rifles are available to the general public.

They have gun care and health control.

Health care is available to all, it just needs to be paid for. Like, err, the guns.

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