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More shootings in the U.S.

De nada

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Yes, Britain has a history of violence to match anywhere. I lived in Dallas for six months in the eighties. It’s a big city where people drove around with racks of guns in the back window, you could hear gunfire almost any night of the week and people often shot each other over petty disputes. They thought that was what made them free. 

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Betsy DeVos was up in front of Senate Select committee on Tuesday talking about school safety:

DeVos: "We'll be looking at the amount of time kids are playing video games and using social media"

Senator: "Are you going to look at other countries with kids that use video games and social media but don't have school shootings?"

DeVos: "That has been debated before so we won't be looking at guns"

Senator: "So we have a gun problem in schools, but we are looking at a non-existent video games and social media problem?"

DeVos: .....smiles like the question has caused a fatal blue screen of death error....

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