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More shootings in the U.S.

De nada

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19 hours ago, Mr. Sausages said:

The problem isn’t guns, it’s too many doors.

That’s republic senator ted cruz, who once tried to ban the sale of dildos in Texas. 

this guy is a bellend of epic proportions, some of the horseshit he spouts has to be heard to be believed but he's a capital R red and thats a guaranteed vote in Texas 'the vote for anyone as long as its not a Democrat' state.

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Most sane people want to see the end of gun ownership in America, but it's not going to happen. There are estimated to be over 400 million legally owned firearms in the USA. That's just the legal stuff. Try to get your head round that. I can't.

It's very hard for us to understand, but there are tens of millions of Americans who own guns who would never, ever use them against another human being. Unless they had to. Decent; law abiding; hard working; respectful; nice ordinary people who believe in family, community and country, who mind their own business and wouldn't hurt a fly. Unless they had to. I've met plenty of them who'll once again be sickened by this latest shooting. But they understand that their beautiful country can also on rare occasions be a sick, violent place. Just one of those decent people could have prevented mass murder - but only with a gun. That's a hell of a truth and a moral tautology, but I haven't heard the answer yet. The truth is probably that much of the problem goes deeper than gun ownership and lies in America's individualist culture; a culture that can empower the minds of disturbed teenagers to go out and slaughter innocent schoolchildren for some sick fantasy. Despite the easy temptation to think it, it's not just all about the guns.     

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On 5/30/2022 at 5:07 PM, Mr. Sausages said:


America is so screwed up, that if they weren't called 'the good liars' I might not have spotted that as satire.  Certainly the audience members clapping didn't.

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