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38 minutes ago, 2bees said:

I don't know anyone who has actually stopped reading the forums. Many people say they don't come here anymore but rest assured they know who TJ's latest sockpuppet is. Too cool for Manx Forums people, you have to laugh.

Aye, it doesn't do to openly admit one reads that awful manxforums.

I've been in meetings where someone has dropped the word '....manxforums...' into the mix. I have to say I keep my dead pan expression, the one that says "uh, what you talking about?". The same expression as everyone else. It's like a game of poker. To be fair they are usually meetings with government department reps. I think they're just trying to weed me out, but my bread and butter means more than that. Maybe I'm getting paranoid....



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On ‎19‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 11:16 AM, Albert Tatlock said:


So - what can we do about things, here on MF, to improve things? These are a couple of things I think might help and maybe worth discussing (and wonder if they are technically possible).

  • Build in more user-policing/moderation: Instead of ‘Sad’ and ‘Confused’ in the emoticons available offer ‘Offensive’, ‘Consider Edit’, ‘You didn’t read my post properly’ or other such emoticons, and maybe even ‘Banhammer’ so that if enough (10+?) longer term registered users (with >100 posts say) suggest a ban, this might aid changing some behaviours. Count them and make them available to the user profile. While some members might likely try and abuse this, the final decision should be with the moderators.
  • New registrations: After joining, limit posting into regular forum threads until you have posted 20 posts – those newer posters could be assessed by moderators, say on a monthly basis. Ideally, new posts could be stored in a new registrant’s thread with only a link to that post in any regular thread. This would discourage creating another account after a ban and the content and style of new posts might help identify such accounts.
  • If we need more money, consider a life member, annual, unemployed, pensioner, open (minimum 50p) type subscription. But ensure payment details cannot be pulled off so that one day any ‘rogue moderator’ or hacker cannot get access to the details and hand them to someone, but users remain traceable in case of libel etc.
  • Let us know what is possible technically with the forums and maybe suggest a few additional options to debate?


I've been a member since the beginning really and have only just been made aware of this topic which was mentioned elsewhere.

I don't come in as often as I used to as it was starting to resemble (what I imagine to be) a boys reform hostels dorm.

Frankly, I wish that the admins had been a lot tougher with the childish idiots who would take a good topic and completely derail it with personal insults and plain stupidity.

Albert has made some interesting points above but in truth, they all require much more work from the already seemingly abused and thoroughly cheesed-off Admins. Why should they bother?  People say that it's a thankless task, well I'd like to say Thank You to you all for making the effort to run this place.

If MF bump off the dross, it would be great. It may even become a place of which people could become rather proud to be a member. It was a real voice years ago before things were loosened up. Politicians used to fear it, frequently with good reason.

Now? It seems to be losing it's heart and will to live. Admins are abused in here and in their personal lives. That's totally unacceptable. It's approaching stalking for goodness sake.

But please keep going Admin and Mods. Take tighter steps to identify each member before accepting them and introduce an R Plate system for new posters' first (say) 30 comments, i.e. all posts run through a mod before going live (more work though)?

Would genuine members on here object to confirming their full ID or re-registering - adopted name to be used to post - if requested?

If needed, get more mods. Be firmer more quickly with idiots and enforce your own rules which were never firmly applied.

Please members, don't respond to wind-ups and trolls. This can only make the mods job more time consuming and frustrating and maybe lead to a closure.

This is a great wake-up call by Admin and the Mods.

Keep going and thanks.






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2 hours ago, 2bees said:

I don't know anyone who has actually stopped reading the forums. Many people say they don't come here anymore but rest assured they know who TJ's latest sockpuppet is. Too cool for Manx Forums people, you have to laugh.

Well I for one don't know anything about people's sock puppets.

Personally I may remember to pop in to read the forums, sees a load of dross on the first topic selected and leave straight away for another month or two.

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Although I have sympathy for the mods, I wonder if closure is 'letting the buggers win.'

Even curtailing new account creation might be a step too far as without new voices the forums would die off anyway.

I agree that there are too many trolls,  they will be time consuming and generally irritating for everyone (even more so for the mods)  but I have a suggestion (or even a few of) on how best to tackle them.

1. All users (existing and new) must be validated KYC style, think people are less likely to troll if their real identity is known, also will reduce the number of multi accounting concerns.

2.  All users have to agree to a revised terms of use that should include those behaviors that are unacceptable.

3. New users to have first (x) number of posts approved by mods / trusted users, I think that this should be a quite a big (ish) number and I can see that it has a overhead.

4. Breaches of acceptable terms should include using any none forum method to contact mods (and trusted users as per above) for forum related matters.

To reduce the chances of backlash regarding any of the above, there should be a few generic approval accounts created that can be accessed by multiple trusted users, that was no one can know which of the pool of users might have denied an post. 

Self policing of this type of forum should be possible, but doing so should be not have to take over the lives of those who are tasked with that.

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1 hour ago, x-in-man said:

with blu-tac, he's not allowed pins. Velcro sticks to padding better though, so I'm informed.


2 hours ago, gettafa said:

I reckon TJ has printed that page off and stuck it to his bedroom wall.

Guys, Manx Forums has been a great place to follow breaking news and interesting topics and I hope it continues. I would be happy to provide identification to the Mods, although after reading about the abuse named posters get, it may be better to remain anonymous.

Sorry for ignoring the request not to respond to irritating posts, but x-in-man/Gettafa, I enjoy your posts, but cannot you not see that further comments such as above only underline the issues we have. This topic is for a serious discussion on the future of a resource many of care about.

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On 11/18/2017 at 11:51 PM, John Wright said:

I fully support the move. I may not be a moderator any more, but I can tell you it's time consuming and because I post using my own name I got not only messages but e-mails and phone calls.

one poster has cost me more time and anguish over the last 4 years than all the other posters I've had to deal with.

i was thinking of giving up before I got ill. The personal attacks challenging a moderating decision I made for the good of the forum were a last straw.

There seems to be too much mud slinging, too much negativity, the ad hominem attacks, the antics of one or two posters, the tone of the pontless left/right debate ( actually not a debate, just the exchange of fake news factoids, Insults etc ) mean I don't visit or read much. 

I felt besieged as a moderator, by the constant challenges. The constant criticism,. The constant allegations that we all had multiple accounts and an ulterior agenda.

ive only met two of the other mods. I've never discussed politics with them, let alone any agenda. Another mod is off Island. Another I don't actually know their name.

This place has changed, so much in the last 18 months or so. I'm not sure I even want to be part of it anymore. There's no real debate, there's no fun.

My perspective, for what it's worth.

I was also for it and I don't want to see the place closed. Maybe the current new accounts stop will calm waters a little. We shall see. As said elsewhere, it's a very small number of people who cause problems, sometimes to a degree that's going too far. We're still volunteers and there's only so much we can and should do. Let's hope it all pans out and maybe even restarts reinvigorated. I think there is still a place for the forum next to the the likes of Bookface.

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