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Winter watching

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On 27/11/2017 at 8:02 PM, Mr. Sausages said:

I've just discovered black mirror on Netflix.  Kinda like the twilight zone set 20 years into the future. ''Tis good.

The new series is up. 

First episode is USS Callister. Where this guy called Robert creates a virtual world where he is very important and powerful. 

Bit like a certain blog, but with more space aliens and a lot less poo. 

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I've just discovered black mirror on Netflix.  Kinda like the twilight zone set 20 years into the future. ''Tis good. Put stranger things on your list. And if you liked boardwalk empire pretty mu

Mrs Wilson had an nteresting first episode last night

I am happy with todays finale.

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So the clocks have gone back, the nights have drawn in, no more pleasant late evening walks and sunsets, time to watch TV. I've 'discovered' a show called Get Shorty, which is based on the book that the de vito/travolta film was based on, but is different. It's got the irish guy from the IT crowd in it and it is really quite good. Doesn't take itself too seriously, without being too silly either. Everbody loves Raymonds Ray is great in it too. Don't think its on uk tv, its on something called epix in the US but easy enough to track down. 8/10 would recommend.

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Just started on the latest 'Ray Donovan.' So far so good, usual stuff, good characterisation. If you're into RD, 'Better Call Saul' is also recommended.

I recently watched Ken Burns's, 'The Vietnam War' currently running on Netflix. It's the best documentary series I've watched in a long time. Pull's no punches, presents the facts impartially and covers the perspective of that conflict equally, from both sides. The lies and the deception, the political maneuvering that prompted unnecessary slaughter. Definitely worth a watch if you're into military history.

Ken Burns did a definitive series on the American Civil War. Another marathon but worthwhile watch.

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Has anybody watched The Good Doctor? I want to make it my winter watch but I keep delaying watching it as the story line doesn't appeal to me, I just thought that the main actor (Freddie Highmore) was so damn good in Bates Motel that I should give it a try. 

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I've not seen the Ray Donovan series yet but it's on the list. Have watched two series of Better Call Saul and looking forward to catching up with the third. Bob Odenkirk is excellent in the central role. Both the Ken Burns series you mention are definitive on their subject;, sometimes almost overwhelming in their impact. The CD of the Vietnam soundtrack is an emotional ride through the key years of the war. I've yet to see his World War 2 boxset on the Pacific but am looking forward to that too.

Billions (series one) was good and worth a watch. A bit too slick perhaps but I'll watch anything that has the great Paul Giamatti. Will definitely catch series two. 

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Yeah, watched 'Billions' it had its moments but not enough to keep me interested so I binned it.

An engrossing one-off, on youtube, is a near three-hour video entitled, 'Ancient Aliens: Debunked.' It puts-paid to the bollocks peddled by the series. Started watching it when bored one day but was hooked from the start...

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The BBC iPlayer has added all 4 seasons of “Luther” with Idris Elba. If you’ve not seen it, don’t miss it.

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