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4 New MLCs


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41 minutes ago, 2112 said:

They couldn’t get elected last time around so I doubt they will get elected in February. MHKs will only vote for certain types and certainly with the attitude of ‘what’s in it for me’. Motel may have a legal background and a brain but that does not count for much with today’s type of MHK. Some MHKs don’t like others telling them what to do, say or vote. My Sure they will vote for the quiet type, or the ‘business/Masonic lodge’ type. 

Couldn’t agree more. They certainly don’t want anybody who could out think them...

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2 hours ago, thesultanofsheight said:

Turner and Wild (unbelievable he’s still there really) are two. No idea who else. Shows what an impact they have on our lives doesn’t it when you can’t even remember who is in there anymore. 

Wild eventually resigned a year after being done for drunk driving (and being absent for most meetings since).  Poole-Wilson was elected as his replacement, but she only completes his term, rather than getting five years of her own to serve.  So she will be up again along with the other three who were elected in March 2013:

Geoff Corkish (elected 1st ballot with 14 votes)

Michael Coleman (elected 3rd ballot with 14 votes)

Juan Turner (elected 7th ballot with 13 votes)

Wild actually got (re-)elected first ballot with 16 votes, which given that he'd been pretty unimpressive even when he was there, shows you just what they were looking for in an MLC.

Turner is very unlikely to get in again - he doesn't really do that much and isn't popular either.  Corkish is mainly distinguished by making animal noises.  Poole-Wilson hasn't done much and hasn't even been appointed to a Department in the six months she has been there (though she is apparently the 'Equality Champion').  Coleman didn't do too bad a job as Chairman of the Economic Policy Review Committee with Vision Nine, but the Committee was fairly inactive before that.

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1 hour ago, Donald Trumps said:

Mrs Poole-Wilson I think - not sure


It is which is Wilds seat as he only retired on ill health in March 

http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=32094&headline=MLC Tony Wild to retire due to ill health&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017

But the term comes up regardless as it was Wilds term. Really she might have the shortest tenure going as the seat only had about 9 months before it was up again. 

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19 minutes ago, Tarne said:

I think most people don't actually know what MLCs do, why we have them, or who they even are. I know I don't!

Not much - the same as the Keys only quicker and when it gets to Tynwald quieter; it is the old advisory council for Governors - which possibly should have been ended when they left it in the 80's, it has been re-branded recently as a revising chamber for legislation going through the Keys;  and finally... lots of former MHK's, a computer bloke, a HR lawyer, a DJ,  the Bishop, AG and the President of Tynwald.

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