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Don’t buy an Alfa. Top tip. They usually depreciate faster than they accelerate and built quality is crap. 

Buy German or Japanese.  You may fall in love with the Alfa, and if you do I know where they can be serviced.  If what I hear is true though, you'll have the garage on speed-dial.

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Get the Alfa. Already well depreciated. Got style which will make you smile.

Certainly some other brands are more reliable and or cheaper to run, but the most satisfying saloon car I've ever owned was an Alfa 164 and I only sold it (after 60K trouble-free miles) to protect my licence . Alfa's are much better than their very outdated reputation. 

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1 hour ago, slinkydevil said:

Last Alfa we owned was a Alfasud Sprint. Great motor but prone to rust pretty much everywhere.


Super little cars, but yes, rustbuckets (like many motors 30 years ago). The italians got their act together about the beginning of the 90's. I've owned 70's and 80's Fiat & Lancia, and 90's Lancia and Alfa - no comparison. Most Italian Fiat Group motors 1990 onwards seem to have been infinitely better made than their rustbucket predecessors, albeit that they lost their flair for a while.

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Do you need more than 2 seats Ms Bees? If not you should try a sports car like an MX5, Z4 or SLK. If you do, I'd go for the VW.

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55 minutes ago, doc.fixit said:

I love allegros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  so there!!

I had one in beige , with a square steering wheel:D, an estate, followed by a Marina Estate ........ they served their purpose :)

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