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Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

Donald Trumps

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Just now, yootalkin2me said:

Does he (Ashford MHK) still l8ve with his Mum?

If that’s “Still love with his mum” you have the wrong guy; that was Oedipus.

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5 minutes ago, Uhtred said:

If that’s “Still love with his mum” you have the wrong guy; that was Oedipus.

I think you will find that you might have the wrong guy too.

Listen to the start of this - excellent timing, great comedy.

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36 minutes ago, fredtosser said:

The IOM News and Politics group on facebook seem to consider the appointment as the second coming of the messiah. 

Most bizarre.

I think there are some reasonable comments there. We'll see.


Re IOM News and Politics FB group, it looks like the boys have fallen out a bit, one banning the other from his group.

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The Oval Office, Buck's Road, Douglas - Friday 5th January 2018, 17:53 GMT.

"Yes, what is it Shirley?"

"Chief Minister. Mr Thomas is here."

"Send him in Shirley,, and can you ring Lorraine and tell the little woman that she may need to delay our booking at Thai Thai".

"Yes, Chief Minister. By the way, HE Sir Richard has been on again to say he's only available to sign whatever bit of certificate thingy you want signed until 7pm, then he's off to his Zumba class".


"Chris, my old friend. How's your day been? Single Malt? Its a rather good New Zealand one. Ok, so Chris, have you had time to reconsider my golden offer to take over the Department of Dreams now Beecroft has finally gone?"

"Well, forgive me Chief Minister..."

"Oh, please call me Howard".

"Hmm, yes Howard. Well, as the 8th Caliph of Baghdad said in 1068 "the eyes of the sun do shrivel the larger stare but protect those that shield their eyes".

"Yes, I see Chris. Look, I'll keep it simple - that is KISS, but there is only one S really. You don't want the job, Dr Allinson doesn't want the job. Cannan is actually doing a half decent job where he is despite the fact I can't stand to look at him without bile rising in my throat..that only leaves a bunch of newbie idiots. Even Jason turned me down for crying out loud!"

"I have it, Chief...Howard! Dadaa! Who was your favourite US President?

"Gerald Ford"

"Precisely". And if you manage to turn around this mess that is jokingly called a health service, what will it be?"

"A bloody miracle, Chris."

"No, Chief. It will be the Phoenix rising from the Ashes!" Ford, Ashes..Ashes, Ford..don't you see? Ashford! David Ashford. Ideal Cannon fodder!"

"Shirley, Shirley!!"

"Yes, Chief Minister?"

"Open some of that Prosecco, call Mr Ashford and tell Sir Richard we will pop by Monday morning - in that order!"

"Yes, Chief Minister!"

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18 hours ago, Kopek said:

From Manx Radio...

HQ. '' ....‘I am delighted Mr Ashford has taken up my offer to become the next Minister for Health and Social Care. The Department is facing some major challenges and I am confident he will work as part of the Council of Ministers to put the Island’s health and social care services on a sustainable footing for future generations.’...''"

So he will receive some 'direction'? From whom(s)?



Slinky, you missed a trick not putting Katie on the cover!

He will take direction from Mr Quayle who I suspect has told Ashford he'll definitely help him out in this onerous position, what his own extensive experience in Health & all

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Ashford is telling us on the national broadcaster that it is seeing where the money is spent that is most important

Myself, I'd have thought it would be building a credible leadership position as Minister & ensuring you have support of management, staff, users & taxpayers in taking our NHS forward

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