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Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

Donald Trumps

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2 minutes ago, Donald Trumps said:

Ashford is telling us on the national broadcaster that it is seeing where the money is spent that is most important

Myself, I'd have thought it would be building a credible leadership position as Minister & ensuring you have support of management, staff, users & taxpayers in taking our NHS forward

Maybe, just maybe, it's starting to dawn that IoMG finances are in a bit of a crisis....

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7 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

Oh he is. Always has been. Wanted to become a Tory mp when he was at school, headed off to uni to study politics with that aim.

So a staunch tory-boy in charge of The Health Service.

What could possibly go wrong...?

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52 minutes ago, Mr. Sausages said:

Rumour has it he has a picture of himself at home that hasn't aged at all since it was painted...

And we all know how that ends!

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33 minutes ago, Albert Tatlock said:

'Drive change.' Tenner says that means he'll be introducing car parking charges at Nobles.

Long overdue. It may prevent the car drivers dumping their vehicles and getting the bus to work. It has been known to happen. Parking charges would be annoying but not half as annoying as not being able to find a parking space. Incidentally at Whiston Hospital you can get a full week parking ticket in the Multi Storey car park for £10. Not too bad at all.

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