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German GP: if you have never seen a GP,  find a recording of this one.  You will not often see better.  If you can’t spend time to watch it all, pick it up from lap 40.  Great edge-of-your seat entertainment.

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When F1 wasn't up its own backside quite so far. Maurice Trintignant commutes to the US GP in 1960.    

Don't be so silly. He's an outstanding driver. He won at Le Mans this year. 

Wow, that's the news I have been waiting for. Starts at 10 past the hour. That top of the hour start killed it for me.  I hate seeing TV advertisers inconvenienced. Maybe they should do what Indy

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So Fernando Alonso has announced his departure from F1.  Hardly a surprise as he was clearly frustrated by McLaren’s lack lustre showing yet again this season.  He made the worst career decision of his life when he walked away from Ferrari.  Perhaps Briatore, his manager, was tempted by his own percentage of the fee and pushed him in that direction.

Expect to see him in Indy cars next year.

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49 minutes ago, La Colombe said:

In light of yet another grim week for road racing on the island, it's interesting that the new for this season halo system has appeared to have already proved it's worth by protecting Charles Leclerc from serious injuries in yesterday's Spa race. What a contrast in attitudes to safety. 

The only way one could improve safety at the TT would be to stop racing entirely.

I doubt there's much that could be done to prevent TT / MGP deaths other than use pedal bikes.

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Italian GP, Monza.  One of the best races you will see, excitement from start to finish.  Mix Bottas, Vettel, Kimi and Hamilton with a dash of Max (Not necessarily in that order) and you always get some good moments, but this was packed with excitement and action.

No spoilers here, but IMO one of the best races the eventual victor ever drove.  If you have even a slight interest in F1, watch this one.

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