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Preen launches collection starting at just 65p


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Nice piece here at The Guardian to coincide with London Fashion Week:

Catwalk label’s postage stamp collection features Finella dress worn by Duchess of Cambridge


A six-stamp collection celebrating 20 years of the brand has been issued by the Isle of Man, where both Thornton and Bregazzi grew up. The first-class stamp features the red Finella dress worn by the duchess on a royal tour of Canada. The bodycon “Power Dress” that first made the label famous is honoured on another of the stamps.


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The Guardian is wrong, basic postage in the IOM and to UK & CI is 47p.

The Manx post office is rightly proud of some of its designs and gives them good publicity, telling us that they proclaim the island’s message wherever they may be sent.  It is a pity, therefore, if you go to a counter and mail a package they don’t use any stamps unless you specifically ask for them.

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It's a nice bit of publicity and good work from whoever got it in the Guardian (the press release was back on the first, so I imagine Thornton and Bregazzi's people might have done it). 

How much extra trade it will drum up, I wouldn't know - the overlap between People Who Are Mad About Fashion and People Who Collect Stamps can't be that great.  Still the stamps look good and it was on the Guardian's front page on the website for quite a long time.

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