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Bobbie Bobster

New NSC Discount Cards

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Brand spanking new NSC cards to replace the old grubby ones.


Linky here.

And here's the loyalty points/rewards table.  About a 9-ish per cent discount across the board.


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On 2/20/2018 at 10:43 AM, Bobbie Bobster said:

Yep, I think "local prices for local people" lost its shine post-League of Gentlemen.

On TH the other day, chap rang Stu about some knob from the Govt who had been going on about:


......and saying it was a bit unwelcoming to outsiders. Sort of  "It's our Island......... so the rest of you can fuck right off." :D

Almost as good as the giant hoarding that once greeted the arriving intrepid tourist outside the Sea Terminal:

"You'll look forward to going back." :D

I like to believe there's an office of some advertising agency in London where they come up with this stuff. I imagine it in the vein of the old Nutty Walt routine of Bob Newhart



"Hey, Gavin. It's those nutters from Isle of Man Tourism on the phone again. You'll never believe. They've got more money to spend."

"Noooo. Really??? Brilliant. I wonder what bollocks we can come up with this time for them?"

"Yeah. It's always a challenge creating the ever more ludicrous for them. Remember "You'll look forward to going back"? That was a beauty."

"Ha ha. They really took to that big time. I thought we were pushing our luck with that one, but not only did they plaster it all over the brochure which was daft enough, they even made a fooking great 20 foot by 10 foot poster of it right in the face of every bastard that got off the ferry! "You'll look forward to going back" Jesus. What a bunch of tossers."

"Yep. I reckon we can sell them just about anything."

"Just keep your face straight when the minister comes down for the meeting."


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Nice post Woolster. Maybe you have got a sense of humour after all!

I would be interested to know if the "visitor" numbers (as opposed to business or visiting the rellies pax) actually fluctuated according to how much wedge they threw at the "ideas" people. My guess is not a lot. After all, advertising in The Grauniad has an air of desperation about it.

Loved the "You'll look forward to going back" but it's also a bit of a downer knowing that nobody got sacked for it...

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On 2/24/2018 at 8:47 AM, P.K. said:

Nice post Woolster. Maybe you have got a sense of humour after all!

Thanks, PK. I'm still reading your guff and I don't have Richard or anyone else on ignore, so I suppose I must have. ;)

I'm probably just too nice.

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