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12 minutes ago, war baby said:

Farewell Doddy.  A great showman, the very last of his kind.  I was lucky enough to see him a few times at the Gaiety... until late.

He died just two days after marrying Ann.  She didn’t look that bad :D

i would like to think he got married as one final F U to the taxman......

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I was looking at one of his posters on the Gaiety front doors and really staring at it trying to work out what made his face so distinctive.  He came up behind me and said "Handsome fellow, isn't he."

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At the end of his very last summer season show at the Villa one year (it ran from 9 till 1.15 that night), Doddy, as usual, asked the stage and lighting staff to line up back-stage like he'd done every year and go to each member, shake their mit heartily, thank them and hand them a small brown wage packet. Both being 14, and the most junior, my mate Terry and I stood last in line. Doddy got to us, shook hands and handed us an envelope each, saying, "there you go lads, thanks very much for all your work" and suddenly he leaned-in close, all conspiratorial an'that and said, "have a drink on me but hey, don't tell yer dads I said..!"

"Ok, thanks Ken, we won't" and off we scarpered. As we got to the back gate the envelopes, feeling well thick, were opened and lo and behold, from each, out fell, a tea-bag! Disappointment and hilarity all at once. Laughed all the way home...

Now my Old Man also happened to be the theatre electrician and did the main stage lighting and PA. Doddy had been coming to the Villa for aeons and they were on first name terms and stuff. When I got home the Old Man was sat laughing his tits off and after holding the joke for a while he put his hand in his back pocket and produced another two brown envelopes, from Doddy, each contained 2 big green one-pound notes in them for me and Tel'boy. Apparently It was a gag he'd played on everyone at one time, and not just at the Villa. Over the years he could be found wandering around backstage sometimes, always had a smile or would crack a joke ask how you were, never complained and knew most of by our first names. A gentleman...

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He said he loved to watch 'Newsnight' before going to bed.

Saved him a fortune on milky-drinks.

With remarkable energy he would do two shows a night at the Villa. 7.15 kick-off first house, exit stage 8.30ish. Audiences in and out. He'd be backstage, drenched in sweat but with a quick wipe down and a fresh shirt he'd be back on stage 9.15ish, do the same act but with more content, and if he wanted to momentarily to change the mood he'd throw a song in and back to the jokes. When he was enjoying himself, which was usually, it'd be 12.30 or 1am sometimes before everyone stopped laughing and took the giggles with them.

A man who loved his work. 

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I reckon Doddy probably died happy. He knew, and we knew, that he was up there with the very best in that great history and tradition of British comics, from music hall to the present day. A consummate pro who gave his life to his work and who never gave less than his all. 

Doddy would settle for that.

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There are reports that Doddy was regularly depositing cash on the Isle of Man, and in the day of easy 'Mr M. Mouse' accounts.

Doddy: "Make it safe as houses so no one, not even the taxman, can trace it".

Athol Street sharp suiter: "Certainly Sir, no problem, I shall be the trustee."

What's the betting there will be some over here, or more likely their family, are all the more richer just now.

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