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Strategic Vulnerability of Douglas Port


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My opinion it's not good enough to say we've never had a problem in the past, so we will just hope for the best that the worst doesn't happen.

If it does, it could be weeks before a salvage company is mobilised to remove the 'blockage'

Then shelves would really be empty.

Where is the contingency?

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Ronaldsway, and if that goes down, Jurby. 

We wouldn't starve, and the speed which heavy salvage vessels can be mustered is surprising. The only hold up would be the surrounding investigation. 

There is always a way to fettle emergencies. Its just nice to have that plan in place in some shape or form to pick off the shelf. 


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We certainly wouldn't starve. Our farming communities are handsomely rewarded for keeping arable land, er, arable. Veg, including our staple, spuds would be readily available..... :ph34r:

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So this is being highlighted by the successor to the Shipping Association? The same group that lobbied for the giant version of the Douglas Port development plans?  Take it with a kilo of salt. 

The airport could handle some pretty decent transport aircraft in case of dire need. Peel has the ability to handle small tankers and coasters, Ramsey already handles small general cargo ships.  In decent weather, there's the outside berth on Victoria Pier, which could accommodate a lift off/lift on container service like the one that Mezeron operated for a year or so several years back.

OK, the capacity would be limited, but the contingency is to rub by and clear the obstruction from Douglas Harbour. It would be pretty dire for a few weeks. All the big food shops rely on drop trainers coming in overnight from Heysham on the Ben. Fuels would be a worry, I'm not sure whether small tankers alongside in Peel can off-load direct to road tankers, or whether more of a shore-side facility is required, like the one by the tanker berth in Douglas.

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2 minutes ago, Andy Onchan said:

What aircraft do you have in mind or know of that could land fully laden?

Any of the passenger types we currently accommodate, in freight or Quick Change fit-out. It's usually take off-that is performance limited rather than landing, and they would be going out empty, apart from containers. They don't have to be fully laden, anyway, if that is a limitation.

And if it gets really dire, there are quite a few military types that have short field performance that would sneer at a 2100 meter paved runway.


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