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Steam Packet to be sold

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1 hour ago, Manximus Aururaneus said:

With respect, my points are being misunderstood. Three identical boats does not involve any greater capital cost - in fact it means less capital expenditure. 

The point about three identical boats (or whatever the final number is best calculated to be) indeed does not make sense unless you also include my second point - i.e. That you take a long-term (say 100 year) view. Never have I said that you buy all three at the outset - but you do decide on the overall deign at the outset.

"itd be better to wait until 2030 for boat 2 and 2040 for new boat three to keep steady turnover of tonnage, but neither SeaCat nor Ben will suit until 2030 so we are going for 2026/7 for boat 2."

The very fact the that 'we are going for 2026/7 for boat 2" rather than being in the position of being able to take the better option of "better to wait until 2030 for boat 2" demonstrates my point perfectly - why are we in this position in the first place? - Answer; Because short-term tactical decisions are having to be deployed to cover-up for the lack of long term strategical policy.

Time to switch on the HUD.

Thanks for the clarification. 

It might well be with some additional forethought we could slide into this sort of arrangement anyway, as the Ben will need replacing eventually, perhaps in the early 2030s (assuming she gets 10 years low utilisation and is well maintained). The Ben's replacement would then become the Ben's replacement again, assuming the Manannan's replacement is more or less the same as the Ben's and so on. Slip companies like Condor and Northlink into the equation (with different internal arrangements) and we could be onto something?

From my reading of the new user agreement, it's primarily there to secure the investment for new vessels to be built on the back of loans. So actually very similar to before. I guess they consider revising the agreement every time a new ship is ordered in order to lengthen it sufficiently to pay back the loan, so it's not a blind order. But as you say, this requires a level of thought above what is currently being implemented/suggested. 

I think my only quibble is with the speed; I think there really is a demand, particularly in the summer and during TT for the capability to run fast. How you build that in (and accept a fare/cost/efficiency penalty) is up to the government/SPC, but I guess a third engine to provide the extra power required (and you could spread the load across all three engines by only using two most of the time) or by having engines that can run relatively efficiently in two different modes? Perhaps a question too far...

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1 hour ago, Non-Believer said:

I've driven the A75 Stranraer/Kirkcudbright/Carlisle road on quite a few occasions. It's a nightmare. And goes on forever.

Non starter as a major road link for IoM.

Yes, I have that Tshirt and baseball cap as well. God awful unless you're on a motoring holiday around Galloway and Ayrshire

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20 hours ago, LightBulb said:

M74 - M6

Do  you work for the DoI by any chance...

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