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Steam Packet to be sold


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4 hours ago, John Wright said:

Where, anywhere, does it say that new vessels must be in place by 2023.

Answer, because we know your comprehension is limited, Nowhere.

I know two new boats are needed at some time in the next ten to 15 years, because that’s what Braemar says. 

You claimed they were needed within 5 and that was set out in a report you had linked to, but wouldn’t relink to.

The fact that the Steam Packet were thinking ahead about procuring new tonnage isn’t new. It’s what predicated this when they sought an extension agreement.

However there is nothing, in anything you link to that says it must be within 4.5 years. Indeed the survey says 10 to 15 by reference to running hours.

Youve claimed they had to have two new boats, within 5 years and they were unfounded. Now, back that up, or shut up.

Just to remind you, yesterday, at 08.13, you said

according  to the report on which the iomg bought the company, those boats won't last and 2 new boats are needed very soon to meet target.....

100% unfunded because the income (not profit as you claim) is been used to repay the debt.....

new boats should of been funded during the life of ben and mannanan but that cash sailed off to the owners......

There is nothing, any where, to back up  the claim by you that the Ben and Mannanan “won’t last”



Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward said:

"the Company is committed to delivering a replacement for Ben-my-Chree by 2019/21 and Manannan by 2022/2"

john appears to be the only person that didn't know 2 new boats are required......

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53 minutes ago, woody2 said:


john appears to be the only person that didn't know 2 new boats are required......

It may be committed, but that doesn’t mean they were necessary, or urgent. And wasn’t that in the heat of their gissa new user agreement and we will...

get 2 new boats by 2021 and 2022. It was sales pitch.

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2 hours ago, John Wright said:

Management is being retained.

Sarcasm LOL, Woodward was noted for being, and I am being kind here, less than friendly towards MHK's who questioned the proposed offer, he and others should have been dumped when government became the owners ! However as what went on to get us to this stage is unknown, I doubt that will happen. Despite the rumblings of Gawne etc there was never any serious consideration of an alternative, nor of any thinking outside the box, I hope this works out financially for the island but after watching disaster after disaster unfold, I can't say I am confident !

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