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I am sure my question will invite plenty of witty responses and rapidly veer off topic, but before that, I hope there may be a smattering of serious answers.  Other than more sensible pricing, which we can surely all agree, what style of cuisine which you enjoy do we lack?

It seems to me there are sufficient places for good old fish and chips, steak and chips, pies and chips, curry and other Indian dishes, lots of Chinese and some pleasant Italian style places for pizza and so on, one or two French, Thai and some pleasant fresh fish locations. 

For a small community we are well supplied, but no doubt more will open and some will stay open.

What would you most like to see here next?

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Good food. Eat in or takeaway.


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I'd like to see a 'Manx Restaurant' with every single ingredient, down to the salt and pepper, a product of the island. Even the pans made of copper/other metals originally mined here and plates made from local clays.

Nothing from off island in their except staff and customers.


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So the predicted veering from the topic has begun.  Let me try to restore order.

I’m not sure your ‘Just Manx’ plan would be feasible, Albert.  I would certainly try it as a diner, but would expect a limited choice of wines!  I guess we would have to put up with beer and Manx whisky.  The vegetables should be fresh, but probably not a great variety.  If the weather had been good, there should be fresh fish including lobster and crab.  Lamb, beef, pork yes, even some goat perhaps.  A good and plentiful supply of chicken might be harder.  Winter wouId be difficult without external suppliers. I don’t doubt it would be a popular concept initially, but doubt its staying power.

The mention of Greek food is interesting, but it seems there are some here.

Any more ideas?  What would be a real ‘first’ on the island?


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